Alexandre blanc


Alexandre Blanc is a Paris-based artist and fashion designer who launched his eponymous Couture House in 2018.

Alexandre studied Fashion and Design at the Duperré school and at the Institut Français de la Mode..

He presented his first collection in Paris in January 2019.

He has spent nearly 10 years working with the most influential art directors of their generation, such as Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga and Guillaume Henry at Carven.

He has also acquired a strong expertise in the most famous Maisons in the world: Yves Saint-Laurent in Paris, Jil Sander in Milan and Oscar de la Renta in New York.

Alexandre is known for his pictorial approach inspired by both traditional tailoring and his love of warm and colorful interior design..

He is passionate about Messrs Saint Laurent and Elbaz; his relationship to creation is playful and very artistic, and also quite close to Mr. Alaïa's way of taking great care of his Clients.

In September 2020, Alexandre Blanc presented his latest Winter collection at AltaRoma, Rome Fashion Week in Italy.


Through his creative vision, Alexandre offers a new way of thinking about a fashion house, through an artistic project offering a global and honest universe.


"I want to reconnect with creativity by working on clothing in volume, defining the idea of a body and especially the idea of a certain woman. I am not very interested in trends but I like the idea of doing the portrait of this woman as the collections progress.


A little aristocratic, a little messy, by the mixture of colors and the choice of its prints, it shows us its flamboyant side, inspired by Cocteau, Braque, Matisse and Bakst. She is also intellectual, very marked by French culture. A tomboy, she uses the shirt as a blank canvas on which she adds a mesh, a jewel and stands out for this spontaneity of the mixture and the unexpected.

She is also sensual, she likes a very open neckline on the shoulders like a dancer, the waist is marked, the circle skirt is slit and, in one movement, reveals a colorful petticoat, a little lace, the idea of lingerie , the freedom to show it off and wear clothes that highlight a personality.

Clothing gives structure but must not constrain, it must adapt to everyday life, reveal the character of the one who wears it without going in front of it, like the actress who we find more fascinating than the director who directs it. "