Spring/Summer 2022 collection

For Alexandre Blanc, drawn and painted prints are the starting point of all collections, but this season and for the very first time, they draw their inspiration from the intimacy of his Italian origins, summoning the very rich artistic past of the country.

Slim Aarons' photographs of Italian high society in their element portray a certain decadent slice of the cultural elite, where dressing was an act of leisure and pleasure. For Spring / Summer 2022, Alexandre Blanc is celebrating this exuberant femininity with a collection designed primarily for cocktails, and alluding to that air of bygone social extravagance.

« I have never shown anything so Italian, Alexandre tells us. It’s not only my family heritage, it also comes from my personal taste for the country. Art and architecture are a huge and continuous source of inspiration for me.. »

His view of architecture is fully reflected: the exercise of style around this season's prints was stimulated by a visit to Villa Farnese in Caprarola. The geometric patterns of the floor and walls of this Italian Renaissance palace contrast with swirling animal motifs, all printed on textiles that purposely retain their hand-painted appearance. The colors echo the burnt sierra tones and faded hues of classic Italian frescoes, with bright yellow, pink, and green contrasts throughout.

While continuing to work on the neckline of her fitted dresses and signature wrap blouses, the answer to their elegance is found in revealing new volumes: an easy bustier, a pointed tunic and printed silk pajamas are languid in their fluidity. .

With luxury fabrics ranging from crepe de chine to shantung linen, the material is provided by a range of limited edition jewelry in collaboration with the historic house of Goossens. For their second collaboration, shapes have been taken one step further this season with hand-hammered brass, glass and pearls in a selection of organically shaped earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even eyeglasses. .

To present his collection, Alexandre and his stylist perched handmade raffia hats on the heads of the models. Or maybe they're masks For Alexandre, they're a final nod to Italian culture, to big balls in classic movie scenes with fantastically well-dressed guests. I make clothes with personal designs, happy and made for going out and having fun. It is the almost supernatural decadence of Federico Fellini, but with a real taste for modern life.ne.